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RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association

Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

RAD Fire – Total fire protection is an experienced Fire solutions company based in the North East of UK. RAD Fire provides businesses with a range of Fire Safety solutions.

RAD Fire provide Fire Extinguisher Installation & Servicing. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing). Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing. HSE Accredited First Aid courses and Fire officer/warden/marshall courses. Fire Fighting Equipment, First Aid Equipment and much more.

RAD Fire is a Private Limited Company registered with companies house and has no links to any other business ventures which may use the name ‘RAD Fire’.

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Currently our mission at RAD Fire is to provide a full range of Fire safety services/solutions to a business. RAD Fire strongly believe that providing your business a Fire solution package from one contractor can save you both time and money. RAD Fire understand the benefit of centralising all your Fire safety needs.

RAD Fire can deliver an excellent service experience and help you build strong long term partnership.


How Can We Help You ?

RAD Fire can deliver a comprehensive risk assesment and fire strategy for your business. RAD Fire will help put together a detailed Fire Emergency plan for your Business. This would undoubtably put your mind at ease.

RAD Fire also provide high quality equipment & training at very reasonable prices. This would prepare your business for any eventuality and a variety of fire risks. We at RAD Fire believe that having the correct fire safety equipment and the right number of trained staff will be crucial in an emergency situation. RAD Fire provide:

RAD Fire – Product & Service Portfolio

  1. Fire Extinguisher installation & servicing.
  2. Fire signs, blankets and all other equipment for premises.
  3. Fire Alarm testing, servicing and maintanance.
  4. First Aid training by fully qualified staff.
  5. Fire Warden/Officer training.
  6. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) for all electrical appliances used within your premises.

Fire Safety and Your Business

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Strict Fire Safety Laws For UK Businesses

In order to comply with legal due dilligence requirements, all business owners need to ensure a comprehensive FIRE RISK ASSESMENT is in place. This would lead to a comprehensive Fire safety plan being put in place for your business. This plan would cover things such as Extinguisher types & locations, PAT testing requirements, regularity of Fire Alarm service & maintenance, minimum numbers of First Aiders & Fire officers etc.



Legal Issues Arise From Not Abiding To Fire Safety Regulations
Your Business Responsibility To Fire Safety In The UK

The above should be done primarily for the safety of the staff, customers & any other stakeholders that use your premises. The following could be a result of not taking any action :

Imprisonment due to not adhering to UK Fire Safety Laws.

Incurring large fines imposed due to breaking Fire Legislation.

Invalidation of your Insurance due to not taking appropriate action to deal with Fire risks.

Loss of business due to breaching Fire safety laws.


It is vitally important that you have a solid risk assesment and action plan in place to manage Fire safety within your business.

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