Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance – Your Business Risk ?   

You might be surprised to learn that the day to day Fire Alarm Maintenance can be done by a responsible member of your own business. RAD Fire and other fire safety companies can only provide a business with its annual Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing checks.

RAD Fire will ensure that your Fire Alarm system is in full operational order and meets the British standards required by an employer for an early Fire detection and warning system. 

However, the daily or weekly Fire Alarm Maintenance work for your system must be carried out by your own business as regularly as it  deems necessary.

RAD Fire engineers provide your business with all the Fire Alarm Maintenance training that is needed when we attend your site. RAD Fire provides this maintenance training for no extra cost. This training will cover all aspects of Fire Alarm maintenance that your ‘responsible person’ or Fire officer will need to know.

Knowing how to do Fire Alarm Maintenance on your system

We Will Teach You The Day To Day Basics Of How To Maintain Your Alarm System







Every business is required to have a responsible person who carries out Fire safety related activities. These involve ensuring that the business, its employees and premises are safe to operate in and poses no significant risk.

Fire Alarm Maintenance of the system on a daily or weekly basis (As decided by the business based on level of risk) is the responsibility of this individual. Many companies call this responsible person/s the Fire warden or Fire officer.

Fire Alarm Maintenance is needed so that someone records and deals with any malfunctions in the system during the period between its legally required periodic Fire Alarm checks.

The regular Fire Alarm Maintenance of your system benefits your business in the long run as it reduces the risks of not detecting a fault early and keeps the system well maintained and in working order, which in turn ensures less repairs and replacements of parts etc.

Insurance Documents - Danger of poor Fire Alarm Maintenance

Importance Of Fire Alarm Maintenance






RAD Fire is primarily in the business of providing Total Fire protection and Fire safety, hence we will provide your business with Free Fire Alarm Maintenance training when we visit your site for its legally required six monthly/annual/periodic checks.  


Please do not take something like Fire Alarm Maintenance lightly. Feel free to contact us for more information on quotes for Fire Alarm maintenance and visit our link for more information around the legal requirements for Fire Alarm Maintenance.

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