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Why Do You Need Fire Emergency Lighting ? Why carry out Fire Emergency Light Servicing ?

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Memebers Of The UK Fire Association


BS 5266-1:2011 Emergency lighting – Part 1: Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises is a British standard. This is in place to ensure that employers are considering the risk of ‘mains electrical power faliure’ and the effect that could this could have in the event of an emergency.

In the event of a Fire emergency the primary safety focus is on the lives of those within the building.

Often Fire emergencies can have an effect on the power supply. When the power supply fails Fire Emergency lights will replace them in order to provide the required lighting. This is important in order to evacuate the premises. Fire Emergency Light Servicing is also important, as these lights are needed by Fire servicemen entering the premises to deal with the emergency.

Very often darkness due to the loss of mains electricity causes panic and fear. This is increased during a Fire emergency or evacuation. Fire Emergency light Servicing ensures that these lights are set to come on in the event of ‘mains power’ failing. Fire Emergency light Servicing is not only for Fire emergencies. In the event of a power cut or any other fault, Emergency lighting will automatically come on. 

Hence, this is a very important element of your Fire safety plan. Ensuring that Fire Emergency light Servicing is regular & in place in your workplace, is only the first step.

Regular Fire Emergency light servicing is required to ensure they are in working order, in the event of an emergency.


How Can RAD Fire Help With Fire Emergency Light Servicing ?

Fire Emergency Light

Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm Equipment

At RAD Fire, we install Fire Emergency Lighting and carry out regular Fire Emergency Light Servicing & Inspections to British standards. RAD Fire engineers are qualified by the FIA (Fire Industry Association). RAD Fire deliver excellent service and free training to your businesses fire safety expert/ responsible person.

RAD Fire will ensure that all your Fire Emergency Light Servicing is completed thoroughly. The RAD Fire engineer will show your site supervisor how to check & test them.

Fire Emergency Light Testing is an important function in your daily operating routine. Checking the Emergency Lighting and testing your Fire Alarm system/heads regularly could mean the difference between life & death in the event of a Fire emergency.


Types Of Fire Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting can be divided into Emergency escape lighting and Standby lighting.

Emergency escape lighting provides illumination for the safety of the people evacuating a building. It also helps those entering a building to defuse a potentially dangerous situation (i.e – Emergency Services).

Standby lighting – This kind of Fire Emergency Lighting is put in place for normal day to day activity. In order for a business to carry on operating if there is a ‘mains electrical faliure’. It is not a legal requirement to have standby lighting. An organisation can decide if it does not need standby lighting.


Furthermore Fire Emergency Escape Lighting is divided into a further 3 catagories.

Escape route lighting – This is to ensure that the means of escape/route of escape can be easily identified and safely used in the event of an emergency.

Open area lighting (in some countries known as anti-panic lighting) – This is lighting provided to avoid panic and provide illumination, allowing people to reach a place & find an escape route.

High risk task area lighting – This provides illumination for the safety of people involved in a potentially dangerous process or situation. This lighting enables proper shut down procedures to be carried out for the safety of the operator and other occupants of the premises.


Please see the links on our ‘Legal Requirements’ page to gain a better understanding of British standards and the Fire Reforms changes in 2005.



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