Fire Fighting Equipment

RAD Fire has a variety of equipment that is used by other fire solution companies and used in business premises. This is a small caption of some of the items provided. RAD Fire can supply you with all your Fire Fighting Equipment needs.
RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association


1. Water, Powder, CO2, Foam Fire Extinguishers for sale / Extinguisher Stands / ID signs.

Types Of Different Fire Extinguishers Used In A Premises


2. Fire exit signs / ID signs / Fire Door signs / Direction signs / Pushbar signs & more.

Signage is part Of RAD Fire - Fire Fighting Equipment
RAD Fire – Fire Safety Signs









3. Fire Alarms Batteries, Emergency Lights, Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Smoke Alarm testing equipments, Break glass units, light pendent and baterns, Cablespanic bolts etc.

Fire Alarms & Other parts for them are part of RAD Fire- Fighting Equipment.

RAD Fire – Regularly Used Fire Alarm Parts









4. 20 man & 50 man First Aid boxes / High visibility jackets / Warning triangle / tamper tags / metal & plastic back boxes.


RAD Fire can guarantee the following standards for all our equipment.

1. British approved KITE marked equipment.

2. BS EN3 Colour coded equipment.

3. Installation & servicing to BS5306-3 Standards.

Please feel free to contact us for a free No Obligation quote. We would be glad to supply and install whatever you require to British standards and guarantee competitive prices.

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