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Fire Warden Training. (Fire Officer Training) – How Can RAD Fire Help You ?

RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association
Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

RAD Fire can provide your business with a comprehensive training package for Fire Warden Training. RAD Fire Trainers have over 15 years of industry experience in the field of Fire Warden Training.

Fire Warden Training is provided by HSE Accredited Trainers with a vast range of experience and knowledge.

Most organisations today have a cascade system around basic skills like manual handling training or basic fire training. This is where the in-house person with Fire Warden Training, would train the rest of the organisation and keep manual records internally.

RAD Fire provides “train the trainer” qualifications so that whoever has received the Fire Warden Training can go on to train the rest of the members within your business.


Creating the scene






Within the area of Fire Warden Training there are many important requirements that needs to be covered by trainers. RAD Fire has trainers who are currently working within the field of emergency rescue and fire fighting. This gives our RAD Fire trainer’s practical experience and knowledge which means their Fire Warden Training sessions are more than just paper exercises.

Fire Warden Training Eqipment






RAD Fire trainers are able to show your employees the connection between real life emergencies and course material they will be studying.

How To Use The Equipment







Why Do You Need Fire Warden Training   

The requirement around Fire safety and having a good emergency action plan puts a lot of responsibility on the organisation. The government regulations require someone within the company to take on a bigger responsibility as a “responsible person or competent person” to ensure that employees safety, customers and the general public safety is being considered during the setting up of the company.

This involves more than just Fire safety or Fire evacuation plans. It also involves having a person/s within your company that can respond to an emergency situation, train the staff in basic evacuation or fire safety issues & health and safety issues, maintain records of the internal training and update them as required and ensure first aiders and emergency teams cover all times of the trading operation.

Most companies call this role Fire warden, Fire Officer or Fire Marshall. The basics of the role are to be the expert within the company for all Fire and health and safety related issues.

RAD Fire can provide the detailed and comprehensive Fire Warden Training and we also provide refresher courses regularly to keep your internal experts up to date to deliver their role.

Please feel free to contact RAD Fire for details on the courses, the costs and any other queries you may have. Fire Warden Training is an important part of your emergency plans and RAD Fire strive to deliver you the best package to suit your needs.


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