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Why Do You Need The Correct First Aid Equipment?

RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association
Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

First Aid Equipment is an important part of the stock that your business holds at any given point of time. In the event of an emergency, your First Aiders need to have access to the correct First Aid Equipment in order to deal with the emergency and give someone the best treatment until they reach a doctor or hospital.

RAD Fire understands that many businesses de-prioritise the importance of having First Aid Equipment in the correct numbers and the correct places. However, for the safety of anyone operating within your business and its premises, it is imperative that the correct First Aid Equipment is in place.

Having the adequate number of First Aiders for your business is important, however for these members of your team to be effective you need an regularly updated list of your in-house stocks of First Aid Equipment. When some parts of your stocks of First Aid Equipment is used, it is imperative that either First Aiders or the responsible Fire safety persons replace the First Aid Equipment so that you are ready if such an emergency arises again.     

RAD Fire provides a detailed assessment and can provide you with advise on how best to position your First Aid Equipment and where the best locations would be.


RAD Fire Guarantee OF All First Aid Eqipment

RAD Fire can provide you with an array of First Aid Equipment that your business needs to keep all its stocks replenished. RAD Fire provides items ranging from First Aid boxes to defibrillators, training equipment to posters and charts.

RAD Fire First Aid Equipment is all checked to ensure they are to industry standards and specifications before they are despatched to your premises.

First Aid Equipment can be posted out to you within 24hrs depending on your location. RAD Fire are also available around the clock to provide you with guidance and assistance with regard to positioning and planning how you would place your First Aid Equipment.



Please feel free to contact RAD Fire with regards to any First Aid Equipment needs your business may have and we will be glad to support you.

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