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RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association

Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

RAD Fire conduct Portable appliance tests from as low as £0.35p per appliance depending on volumes required to be tested.

PAT Test Technology – RAD Fire

At RAD Fire we ensure that your appliances are checked and tested using the lastet Pat Test Technology. RAD Fire guarantee very high service standards accross all areas that PAT tests are carried out. RAD Fire will use the best PAT Test Technology and provide detailed information on all the Portable Appliance Test that we carry out.


PAT Test Technology used by RAD Fire

RAD Fire uses the latest PAT Test Technology in the form of the Seaward Primetest 350









RAD Fire carries out PAT testing to the following standards :

1. Proffessional and organised engineers who will understand the needs of your operation. RAD Fire will carry out the PAT testing with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

2. Comprehensive PAT test carried out to industry specifications. All electrical appliances either passed (Green sticker) or Failed (Red Sticker). The PAT Test Technology we use will show the site manager why the electrical applaince failed. The reason explained in detail and actions recomended.

3. A CD-ROM provided with Barcode system for larger premises, so you have a detailed breakdown of where every portable appliance is located and it’s next Test date. All test information will also be displayed on the CD.

4. Certificate provided by RAD Fire (Member Of The UK Fire Association) to guarantee that Portable Appliance Test was carried out on the premises. This certificate can be used by an employer to prove to insurance companies or any other stakeholder that the relevent premises have been fully PAT tested.

At RAD Fire we ensure that we use industry respected PAT Test Technology & machinery that guarantees the best portable appliance test is carried out. RAD Fire have recently purchased the new Prime Test 350 PAT Tester for faster & more comprehensive PAT Tests.


PAT Test Technology used by RAD Fire

RAD Fire believes in using the latest & most advance PAT Test Technology to improve our service to you.










Please feel free to contact RAD Fire for a FREE – No Obligation quote and you may be pleasently surprised.

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