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RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association

Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

From £ 0.35p Per Appliance Based On Number Of Appliances.

RAD Fire Believes In Providing The Best Technology To Our Customers For A Faster & Coprehensive PAT Test.


We use the SEAWARD Primetest 350 PAT Tester.

PAT Test Technology used by RAD Fire



What Is – PAT Testing ?                            

This is the carrying out of tests to ensure the ‘Portable Appliances’ used by a companies employees are within legal requirements in order to ensure the employees safety. The term PAT testing stands for portable appliance test.


Why Do PAT Testing ?

British law (the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 ) requires that all electrical systems including portable electrical items are maintained so far a reasonably practical, in a manner that would prevent danger to employees.

Danger through portable appliances could take many forms. Most portable appliances connected to the electrical suppliy could create a possible Fire safety hazard or electrical shock hazard. In any premises that employees are at work, it is important that the portable appliances are tested and the responsible person within the company makes sure these portable appliances do not pose a risk to its employees or premises.

RAD Conducts Comprehensive PAT tests

Are All Your Electrical Items At Work PAT tested ?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) suggest initial intervals for portable appliance testing, ranging from 3 months for high risk portable appliances to one year for medium risk portable appliances. In some cases the low risk portable appliances have longer gaps for testing (certain types of electrical appliances in schools, hotels, offices and shops).




Please see the attached HSE link for more information:

HSE Requirement For Portable Applaince Testing

It is important to have a “maintenance regime” for electrical portable appliances. The implementation of this is up to employers. The ownership of staff health and safety should be of paramount importance.

After PAT testing has been carried out on a business premises, evidence of PAT testing will be visible to all employees within the work premises as the portable appliances will have either a GREEN sticker confirming that it has PASSED its portable appliance test or a RED sticker on the product saying it has FAILED. If a PAT testing fails on a product, this appliance needs to be removed by the employer so that no harm could befall employees.


RAD Fire – PAT Testing

RAD Fire have experienced engineers who can deliver a comprehensive portable appliance test (PAT testing) for your organisation and ensure all portable appliances left within your premises are safe for employees using them. RAD Fire engineers have practical experience working in a variety of premises ranging from schools to hospitals, from pubs to hotels. RAD Fire – PAT testing engineers will guarantee a proffessional and couteous service, while understanding and respecting the day to day operation of your business.


RAD Fire – Prices For PAT Testing

As RAD Fire does not carry the high overheads that are incurred & passed on by most large busineeses RAD Fire can guarantee some of the most competitive prices on the market.

RAD Fire portable appliance tests can be carried out from 35p per electrical appliance to 95p per appliance depending on the number of PAT testing required within your business premises.


Please feel free to contact RAD Fire for a FREE – No Obligation PAT Testing quote and you may be pleasently surprised.

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