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RAD Fire - Members Of The UK Fire Association

Memebers Of The UK Fire Association

RAD Fire – About Us

RAD Fire – Total fire protection is an organisation with a vision of growing into one of the largest fire solutions companies within the UK. Currently our mission is to provide a full range of services for your business, ranging from Fire extinguishers to PAT testing and Fire alarms maintainance & servicing. We also provide customers with all their First aid training and health & safety training needs.

In order to comply with legal due dilligence requirements, all company owners need to ensure a comprehensive FIRE RISK ASSESMENT in place. This should be done primarily for the safety of the staff, customers & any other stakeholders that use your premises. Furthermore, in order to avoid imprisonment, fines, invalidation of insurance & loss of business it is vitally important that you have a solid risk assesment and action plan in place.

RAD Fire can deliver a comprehensive risk assesment and strategy for your business and help put your mind at risk.

We also provide high quality equipment & training at very reasonable prices, so your business is prepared for any eventuality and for any kind of fire. We understand that having the correct equipment and the right number of trained staff will be crucial in an emergency situation. We provide:

  1. Fire Extinguisher installation & servicing.
  2. Fire signs, blankets and all other equipment for premises.
  3. Fire alarm testing and maintanance.
  4. First Aid training by fully qualified staff.
  5. Fire warden/officer training.

RAD Fire also provides Portable . Appliance . Testing (PAT Tests) services. In accordance with government legislation all employers using day to day electrical equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, kettles, toaster…..etc, need to have these equipment tested to ensure they are not causing a potential fire hazard and risk to either employees or premises.



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